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This recipe for Ultimate Oatmeal is thick and hearty full of dried fruit, nuts, and honey.

honey drizzled over a bowl of oatmeal

I have a friend named Eddie who’s a Math professor at a university in Wisconsin. He’s one of those amazing, kindhearted people who will go above and beyond at the drop of a hat for a friend. I met him almost 8 years ago now through a mutual friend in the swing dancing community, and the first time I met him he came over to help me move furniture at my parents house. (How sweet is that?) At one point while we were sorting and moving, Craisins came up in conversation. We started wondering why there were names for dried grapes (raisins) and dried cranberries (craisins), but we didn’t have a name for dried blueberries.

Three ramekins of oatmeal in a row.


We decided that problem needed to be remedied and started brainstorming names for the humble dried blueberry. In the end, we decided they should be named blips! It’s pretty fun to say, and has become a bit of an inside joke between us. At one point he came to visit me in Colorado and gifted me a package of blips. I wanted to use them and had a ton of oatmeal on hand, so that’s how this oatmeal recipe was born!   

three ramekins of oatmeal in a row

I have a confession to make: I LOVE oatmeal. I used to eat… Continue reading

Welcome back to the Retro Re-pin Party! 

We have some important news to share with you this week!

Starting next week, Kristina and Millie (2 Crochet Hooks), Leslie (The Crafty Side of Sarcasm), and Julie (Somebody’s Dinner) will be stepping down as hostesses, and we will be introducing you to some awesome new hostesses as we re-launch the party and mix things up a bit next week. We’ve really enjoyed partying with you each week, and hope you’ll continue linking up your pins with us and get to know a few more blogs. I’m not going anywhere (don’t worry!), so you’ll still be able to find the party here at Sustaining the Powers. Be sure to check your email and come back next week to meet your new hostesses! 

Here’s what I’ve been up to this past week:


  On to the party!

Remember to pin your posts first and then link up that PINTEREST PIN to the party below so we can show it some extra re-pin love! (Pinterest ranks re-pins higher than pins.)

The Retro Re-pin Party - A pinterest party every Tuesday at 8pm 

This Week’s Feature:

Last week I asked you for pancake recipes and you delivered! Here’s around up of my favorites. (Including another round-up with some amazing flavor combos!)

a collage of pancake recipes

From top left to right:

Strawberry Cheesecake Pancakes from A Mind “Full” Mom

Gluten-free Blender Pancakes from A Mind “Full” Mom

Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday from Culinary Ginger 

A Pancake Tuesday Pancake Round-up from Jenn’s Random Scraps

Chocolate Flapjacks from… Continue reading

Meal Plan Monday Week 8 Collage

Okay y’all, I know I usually have a new recipe and such to share with you on Mondays, but I’ve spent most of this week in bed with a fever and some sort of yucky virus, so I haven’t had any time to do any cooking or take any photos. I’m not ashamed to admit we ate canned soup and/or takeout for most of the past week. (At least until the weekend when my amazing hubby made these delicious cinnamon raisin biscuits with vanilla glaze for breakfast because he’s sweet like that.) I’m starting to feel better, and should have the rest of the week on track. :) 

Thankfully I usually put the meal plans together on Mondays a week ahead of time, so all I have to do is schedule this post for you this week. Enjoy!

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5 Free Ways to Add Text To Images with tutorials using Picmonkey, Canva, Paint, and more!

These are great tips! 5 Free ways to add text to images with tutorials using Picmonkey, Canva, Paint, and more!

If’ you’ve been blogging for a while, you’ve likely been on Pinterest. You’ve also probably wondered how everyone adds text to their images to make them so amazing. (I’m still working on this…) Today I want to share with you 5 different tutorials with 5 different free methods that I think are super helpful for adding text to your images!  

Note: I am linking to tutorials with the images below. Feel free to pin my collage above, but if you like a post, please click through and pin it from the source!



Easy Peasy Graphics Using PicMonkey - imperfect vessel



 The first one I want to start with is this tutorial for Easy Peasy Graphics Using PicMonkey by Bree at Imperfect Vessel.  Her blog is just beautiful and she has amazing text overlays on all her graphics. (Plus some amazing book studies!) This tutorial is about more than just adding text. Bree clearly walks you though every step of her workflow for PicMonkey – including her favorite places to find free images she can add text to for her posts. 




mastering-the-picmonkey-mask-a problem like maria



 Once you’ve mastered the basics of PicMonkey, you will probably want this tutorial for Mastering the PicMonkey Mask by Maria at A Problem Like Maria. A mask (the white overlay in the photo above) lets you add readable text to images that don’t have any available white space to add lettering. Maria walks you through how to easily add them using PicMonkey and has some tips and examples for when to use a whole image mask vs a small one.




Creating a vision Board - Imperfect Vessel


Once you add text to your images, it’s really fun to turn them into a vision… Continue reading

This DIY streak-free appliance cleaner works especially well on black and stainles steel appliances to get them shiny clean with no streaks!

A cheap DIY appliance cleaner that doesn't leave streaks!! This is awesome!

I’m bringing you a bit of a different recipe today. One of the biggest problems with cooking is that you make messes. If you’re a food blogger, you make a LOT of messes. Like 2 loads through the dishwasher each day size messes. On top of the dishes, I feel like I’m always cleaning off the stove and microwave. 


When we moved in, I was actually a bit excited to have black appliances. We had stainless previously, and it seemed like it was always picking up ALL THE FINGERPRINTS! Stainless won’t be discolored, but it will always be covered in fingerprints. Seems like a pretty big downside. Plus, they’re not magnetic (where do I put my fridge magnet collection?!) So, you can see why I was really excited to have magnetic black appliances and no fingerprints. Until I discovered their downside: visible streaks! Can I get a cleaning break please?


Fortunately, I ran out of appliance cleaner one day and tried some of my homemade laminate floor cleaner on the stove. Lo and behold, no streaks! The “before” photo above shows the streaks left by one of those cleaning wipes. The right side is after a spray of my DIY Streak-free Appliance Cleaner and a swipe with a microfiber cloth. So much better right?! This works pretty similarly on our stainless steel trashcan and microwave, so maybe you can solve the fingerprint issue on stainless too. (By the way, it’s super-hard to get good photos of streaks on your appliances. This shot involved both my hubby and I, 2 light sources, and 2 pieces of foam board.)   


I think the biggest secret to this trick,… Continue reading

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